Swim Meet


Yesterday, 12 January 2017, the children of Grace Lutheran School, under the direction of Ms. Deb and the Grace faculty, had a wonderful interhouse swim meet (the pictures tell the story!).   Thank you so very much to the faculty and Ms. Deb for organizing and overseeing a fun and competitive swim meet.   Last, but not least by any means, a great thank you to all the children of Grace.....God bless and keep you all. 



Music lessons from Constable Keane Jules - RGPF - and member of FLOM


Thank you to Constable Keane Jules - RGPF - and member of FLOM who taught music to the children of Grace Lutheran School.    Keane is a talented musician who can be heard in action on Friday nights at Le Phare Bleu on the Light Ship.   We look forward to your return, Keane, and we thank you again for sharing your God given gifts with the children at Grace Lutheran School.



Grace School End of Term FUN


Special thanks to all the teachers and parents who helped with so many different fun activities at school and outside of school.   Have a blessed Christmas and look forward to seeing you next term!

Visit to St. Martin Home


Thank you to Nathalie Gibbs and Neisha Roach who helped organize this wonderful visit to St. Martin Home.   Thank you also to Kelvin La Touche, the chairman of the 5th Anniversary Committee, who is directing the activies of Grace Lutheran as we give thanks to the Lord for his blessings these past 5 years in our new facility.   To God be the glory.

Finally, to all of the members who gave gifts to the Home, who gave of their time and spirit by sharing Jesus in Word and in song with the residents of the Home - thank you.   And last, but by no means least, thank you Kelvin Dottin for bringing the guitar and leading us in song.

Youth Hike - Annandale Forest Reserve


A group of young teenagers, led by the cutlass wielding Principal Dottin, forged their way along a path in the Annandale Forest Reserve.   It was a lot of fun, and good exercise.   

Community Outreach - Aquaponics


An aquaponics and vocational training exhibition was held in June at the Grace Luthran Church and School.

Several stakeholders were present, including the St. George’s University and Grenada National Training Agency.

Community Outreach - Train the Trainer course of Prison Officers


Grace Lutheran Ministry hosted officers from Her Majesty's Prison - Richmond Hill - for a Train the Trainer course which was taught by Rev. Ib Meyer - a former Police Commander.  The officers were taught the basics of andragogy, writing lesson plans, and were then required to write a lesson plan and teach on a subject that dealt with the work of a prison officer.

A great thank you to Commissioner John Mitchell and Mr. Chris Stroude who pushed to make this possible.